Canadian Food

Importing food from Canada made easy! At Aubitx, we specialize in exporting Canadian quality food. We focus on beef, pork ,salmon, cheese, maple syrup, and maple products (cookies, taffy etc.).


Coordination between Canadian food suppliers and Asian buyers.


Negotiating the Minimum Order Quantities based on your needs and budget.


We make all the arrangements to have your orders delivered straight to your warehouse.


Pay in your own currency. We work with money remittance companies in your country.

Naturally good

Canadian Food

Now that the food supply primarily from China has been disrupted as a result of the global pandemic, it’s time to look into Canadian food exports, where food production is of the highest standards, chemical free and where natural traditional farming methods are still honored.

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Beef and Pork

Enjoy beef and pork raised without the use of antibiotics, artificial hormones and steriods. Beef is naturally aged from 14-28 days to get tender and juicy steaks, burgers and stews.


Wheat and Flour

Canadian flour is considered one of the finest in the world. The bread and pastries made from it will have a more elastic feel and chewy texture. It is preferred over American flour.

Maple Products

Enjoy Canadian maple in syrup, taffy, candies or cookies! Canadian maple syrup harvested from the sap of maple trees using the traditional method of tree tapping is organic.

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